ACC uniforms are in! Uniforms will be distributed Tuesday, November 7th between 4:45 and 6pm in the foyer near the sanctuary. Cash or check is accepted.

NEW uniform with NO trade-in: $65.00

NEW uniform with trade-in: $38.00

USED uniform with NO trade-in: $30.00

USED uniform with trade-in: $10.00

Most new dresses will need to be hemmed to the correct length. Wearing performance shoes, dresses should touch the top of the foot and toes should show but ankles should not. If your child is wearing a dress from last season, please make sure that the hem is altered to the correct length before concert week.

Mary Ann Brock will be available at pick-up to take hemming orders on new dresses as well as dresses from the previous season. Cash is preferred.

New hem: $15

Let out existing hem: $5

Let out and re-hem: $20

Uniform requirements:

• Shoes should be solid black (no white/colored bands on soles), close-toed, and comfortable.

• If worn, socks should be black.

• Black pants are worn with tuxedo shirts and bow tie/cummerbund set.

• Jewelry should be limited - no necklaces or bracelets; non-dangly earrings only.

• Hair accessories should be simple and solid black or neutral.

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