First rehearsal and Uniform Update

FIRST REHEARSAL -- Where do I go?

For those singers returning on Tue, Jan 23rd, please follow these instructions before the beginning of rehearsal:

1) Come to the Family Life Center and check in at Table #1.

2) Pay tuition OR have your name checked off of the Early Registration list if you have already paid. Tuition must be paid before receiving music packet.

3) Sign out a music packet. (If you have music from ANY previous semesters, please return it at this table. All sheet music distributed is property of Avondale Children's Choir and must be replaced if not returned.)

4) Head to rehearsal in the choir room!

Please arrive early enough that you are able to check in and receive your child's music packet BEFORE rehearsal begins.


Going forward, ACC will not be ordering uniforms for singers. There are quite a few new uniforms that were never picked up and some used uniforms that are in good condition that may be purchased. (Used uniforms will be sold at a discounted price.) An email will be sent (and a blog post made) giving the specific dates uniforms will be available for try-on and purchase. (Singers will not be measured.)

Information about how to order a uniform will be posted on the ACC website soon. (When it is posted, we will send an email with a link to the information on the website.)

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